Maxmeen Amplifier 240W, MG-2400S


Maxmeen Amplifier 240W, MG-2400S

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Are mixer amplifiers designed for up to 4 microphones plus 4 AUX line-in (AUX1~4), total 8 inputs application..

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  • Each microphone input and line-in input has its own volume control. The microphone inputs are at the rear panel. Besides, there are 1 Master control of output volume and 2 tone controls: Bass and Treble
  • The output connection covers low impedance 8 ohm, and high-level 70V and 100V screw terminal. Choose only one of these output connections to match the speaker. Furthermore, the amplifier also has one record output for the demand of recording. The equipment provides 2 Pre-output (level 0dB)
  • To ensure the amplifier safety, it has speaker short, over temperature, and overload protection
  • Besides AC power source, our mixer amplifier also accepts DC 24V input power source from the battery

Product Feature

  • Multi-input Mixer Amplifier
  • Build in 4 sets of auxiliary input control circuit
  • Build in 2 sets of Pre-output terminals
  • Build in 4 sets of independent microphone input control circuit
  • Build in microphone priority function on microphone inputs 1 & 2
  • Build in overload, overheat & shortage protection circuits
  • Individual volume controls for each input
  • Master volume, Bass, and Treble control for the output
  • 8 ohm, 70V and 100V output
  • Record output
  • AC or DC power in
  • 2U height

Technical Specification

  • Type: Mixer Amplifier
  • Supply Source: AC 220-240V/60Hz, DC 24V
  • Output: 8 ohms, 70V, 100V
  • Frequency Response:
    MIC 77Hz-19kHz ±3dB
    AUX 74Hz-19kHz ±3dB
  • Output: 1V @ 100 ohm
  • Input Sensitivity:
    MIC -64dB ±3dB
    AUX -30dB ±3dB
  • Input Impedance:
    MIC -64dB ±3dB, 600 ohm unbalanced
    AUX -30dB ±3dB @ 10kHz unbalanced
  • Tone control:
    BASS -12dB- ±12dB/ 100Hz
    TREBLE -13- ±11dB/ 10kHz
  • S/N Ratio: >-85dB ±3dB
  • T.H.D: < 0.6% @ 1kHz, rated power
  • Output (100V): 240W/RMS
  • Power consumption: 495VA
  • Weight: 12.9 Kg
  • Dimension: 420W*379D*96H mm

Download MG-S series user manual

Additional information

Weight 10.6 kg
Dimensions 96 × 420 × 370 mm

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