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We welcome you to the MAXMEEN store, the brand of audio products. We are pleased to serve you and facilitate the process of obtaining the products easily and completely safe in terms of purchase, payment and return, we hope you to see the policy of purchase and return in our store and we are pleased to accept your comments and suggestions.

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Return policy

Guaranteeing a satisfactory shopping experience

Return policy | FAQs | Request to return Product

Enjoy shopping on MAXMEEN.com with these great return policy features:


15 Days Returns

You have 15 days to make a refund request after your order has been delivered.

Free Service

You can return any product you have bought.

Full Refunds

If the item you have received is damaged, defective or not as described on the website, you will receive a full refund along with any shipping fees applied.

Authenticity Guarantee

All our products are guaranteed for at least one year from the date of purchase. MAXMEEN ensures that you provide maintenance and original spare parts for your products.

How does Return Policy Work?


Initiate A Return

Call our customer support number +966138304141 or return via Request to return Product page

Schedule Pick-up

A pick-up will be scheduled by one of our courier services.

Return The Item

Pack the item in its original state and packaging. Hand over the package to the courier representative.

Refund Processed

Once we receive your returned item, we will inspect it and process your refund.

Return Policy

  1. You have 15 days to make a refund request after your order has been delivered.
  2. You can return the product if it not used or not damaged. Product MUST be in the same original condition when you receive it.
  3. You can return non-expendable products that have not been used or installed.
  4. You can return if the products are not tampered with or removed serial numbers.
  5. You can return if you do not remove product labels, damage, change, or lack of original packaging, cardboard or plastic packaging, or lack of any accessories.
  6. Refunds will include shipping costs only if there is a genuine defect in the product, defect or mismatch of specifications.
  7. Refunds will not include shipping cost. in the case of there are no defects found in the product.
  8. The return request MUST be through the website (return request)


If you request a refund before shipping the product, the full amount will be refunded to you.
In the case of a return request after shipment and you deliver the product, The return will be according to the terms of return mentioned above.

You can return the product to the shipping provider you prefer or personally. In any case, the product will be checked before approving to return.

If the replacement request is before we ship the item to you. You can contact us at (+96138304141) to coordinate and change the order.
If the replacement request after shipment it can not be replaced.

Refunds are made very quickly and smoothly after the item has been received and approved for return. If you paid through cash on delivery, the amount will be transferred to your bank account or credit card.

If you have paid through electronic means (Credit or Debit card), the paid amount will be refunded to your card. The amount paid may take up to a month to reflect in your card statement or Cash U, depending on individual’s bank process.

There may be situations in which you were not able to return items within the 15 days, in such cases please contact our Customer Service Team (+966138304141) ، or through the Contact Us page.

At the moment, you will not be able to contact the courier company directly. However, once our courier representative contacts you to schedule the time for the pick-up of a return item, you may provide your preferred timings to them.

If you change your mind before receiving your item, just call us to cancel your order and we will process the refund along with any shipping fees applied. If you wish to return the item after receiving it, you have up to 15 days to return them.

In the unusual circumstance where the item received is wrong, you can return the item in the same condition you received and in the original box and/or packaging intact. Once we receive the returned item, we will process the refund along with free 15 day returns.

In case the item you received is damaged or defective, you could return an item in the same condition as you received it with the original box and/or packaging intact. Once we receive the returned item, we will inspect it and if the item is found to be defective or damaged, we will process the refund along with any shipping fees incurred.

Warranty Policy

  1. Warranty does not include fracture or misuses like exposure the product to water, wrong connection for the sound system.
  2. Warranty shall be on the product itself and does not include accessories such as wires, connectors, remote controls and internal batteries.
  3. Warranty in wireless Microphones does not include the small microphone (tie Mic, Headset Mic) only includes the transmitter and the receiver.
  4. Warranty in the Loudspeakers Does not include damage to internal speakers caused by misuse or excessive sound.
  5. The warranty for complete audio systems may not include the fee for a technical visit if the defect in a piece or part can be carried to the service center.
  6. We are responsible for training the customer to use and adjust the hardware and warranty does not include the service of tuning of the devices in the client site after training.
  7. The warranty is canceled if there is a change or tampering with the connections of devices and speakers in the systems, or the cancellation of speakers without consulting our specialists.
  8. The warranty is canceled if the product is opened and tried to maintain it in an another service center.
  9. If the warranty period ends while the product is in maintenance, we will extend the warranty period until the maintenance is completed.

Warranty period

  The warranty period in MAXMEEN varies depending on the product type. The following table shows the warranty period for each product even after the end of the product return period:  
Product category Warranty period
Amplifiers Two year warranty
Sound Effects Two year warranty
Prtable PA Two year warranty
Wireless Microphones Two year warranty
Wired Microphones Two year warranty
All Power Speakers Two year warranty
All Driver Units One year warranty
Rest of MAXMEEN's products One year warranty

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